Formosa Marine

Formosa Marine builds aluminium boats with plate hull construction and strength

A Formosa Marine boat is designed to match the challenging conditions of safe, offshore boating, yet provides the comfort and versatility suitable for family bay cruising. There is a hull to suit all tastes and styles of boating. The large range includes seven (7) boat models in various sizes from 490 to 740, and three (3) Hardtops. Choose from either a CLASSIC or upgrade to an OFFSHORE which features the Formosa true Self-draining Deck.

A Formosa hull is renowned for stability, excellent handling and a dry, soft ride. Key features include plate boat construction, deep sides, wide beam, reverse chine, the distictive curved chine line, extra-large deck space with optimal layouts, Offshore true Self-draining Deck and high tensile hull with the innovative Quad4™ water ballast options available.

‘Quality Build, Ultimate Performance’ has been the motto, central to Formosa’s evolution since the starting in 1998 on Brisbane’s bayside.

Formosa SRT Plate Hull – 2019

The New Formosa SRT Plate Hull combines the very best boat designs from the SEA-ROD and Tomahawk brands, packaging them into one skilfully engineered plate boat and rebranded as Formosa SRT. The new plate hull incorporates Aqua-Lift™ ingenuity for next level performance, handling and stability. Including custom built cambered strakes for creating hydrodynamic lift and superior traction, a 19 degree deadrise, large reverse chine and Quad4™ Water Ballast option. All combined to give you the best balance between a dry, soft riding hull and the ultimate level of stability.

Active Transom

Formosa Marine has created an innovative step-down ‘Active Transom’ to give you the ultimate water access and boating experience. Choose the ACCESS you need for fishing, casting, diving or simply enjoying the waters, Full Access, Dual, Single and Closed Access. The latest design on the SRT has smarter storage solutions, easy on-board battery access and continues to be the best in transom design and water access on the market.

Centre Cabins

The Formosa Centre Cabin is the ultimate family boat where you and the kids can safely experience the ...
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Centre Consoles

The Formosa Centre Console provides an open fishing platform with great access to all sides of the boat. ...
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Enclosed Centre Cabin Hardtops

Everyone can safely experience the joy of boating with full access to every side of the boat and ...
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Enclosed Half Cabin Hardtops

The Formosa Enclosed Half Cabin has a fixed cabin has a glass windscreen and two side sliding windows ...
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Offshore 740 Lockable Half Cabin Hardtop

The Formosa Offshore 740 Fully Enclosed Half Cabin is the largest of the range with a spacious cabin ...
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The Formosa Runabout has the driving and seating positions as far forward in the boat as possible giving ...
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Side Consoles

Formosa’s Side Console has had a revamp with a higher forward casting deck that fits an esky and ...
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Sports Cab

The Formosa Sports Cab gives the ultimate protection from the weather for you and the family with plenty ...
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The Formosa Territory was designed for north Australian conditions where heat and humidity play a big factor, whether ...
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Vision Cab

The NEW Formosa Vision Cab was released at the 2019 Brisbane Boat Show and features 180-degree cabin viewing ...
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X Bowriders

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