Midrange Outboards

After starting the 4-stroke revolution Suzuki has reinvented this category.

Offset driveshaft: Suzuki pioneered the use of the offset driveshaft with the original DF90 in 2002 and continues to deliver improved performance, balance and a better ride.

Superior fuel saving: Patented LEAN BURN technology provides improvements in fuel economy – 32 bit computer for precise control and engine management.

Advanced performance: These midrange ‘A’ series engines come packed with advanced features and utilise a double overhead (DOHC).


Lightest in its class at just 157kg, the DF100B is an ideal power unit for a wide range ...
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The award-winning DF40A delivers superior fuel efficiency and high performance in a compact design.
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Compact design that packs a punch – a versatile and award-winning mid range outboard that combines power, performance, ...
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The DF60A comes packed with advanced features and utilises a double overhead (DOHC) for outstanding performance.
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The DF60AV features Suzuki’s innovative tilt limit system.
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The outboard that outguns the best of the rest, the DF70A is our class-leading, new generation outboard.
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The first of Suzuki’s new generation 4-strokes, the DF80A is the most compact outboard in its class.
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Suzuki’s innovative DF90A was the first outboard to utilise the pioneering Offset Driveshaft.
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