Portable Outboards

Built for your ultimate convenience, Suzuki’s range of portable outboard motors pack a handy punch. While providing powerful acceleration, our range of portable motors are:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Economical.

They also feature an advanced multi-function design tiller handle, a battery-free electronic fuel injection system, and a single cylinder 4-stroke engine with large displacement. That means an outstanding power output without the compromised ease of portability.


Always ready for action, the portable and lightweight DF15A features Lean Burn technology for greater fuel efficiency.
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Suzuki’s 2.5hp outboard is small in size but big on features.
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Lightweight, portable and powerful, the DF20A features the world’s first battery-less electronic fuel injection system.
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Packed with all the latest and innovative Suzuki technology in a compact and lightweight design.
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Suzuki’s in-line three cylinder DF30A is engineered with Suzuki’s finest technologies and class-leading advantages to put it ahead ...
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The DF4A is the lightest in its class and features a number of innovative features and enhanced user-friendliness ...
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Along with the DF6A and DF4A, this outboard is the lightest in its class and features advanced technologies ...
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Suzuki’s latest and most innovative portable outboard features three-way tilt system and even greater portability and economical operation.
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Along with the DF9.9A, this outboard offers greater ease of use, better portability and more economical operation.
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Designed to offer greater ease of use, better portability and more economical operation, the DF9.9A is a great ...
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