The Formosa Territory was designed for north Australian conditions where heat and humidity play a big factor, whether you’re up the rivers or travelling long distance offshore.

The open fishing platform and no windscreen allows you to capture the slightest of breeze on a calm day. The centre console is positioned towards the rear of the boat and designed to drive in a standing position. The Formosa Territory has a high fishing platform built with a strong aluminium structure and two hatches with a drainage system to keep the storage bay dry in case of rain. The platform is ideal for fishing, giving you a great view from above the water, gives good access to high river banks and a large amount of covered storage for long-distance trips. The Formosa Territory console is 500mm wide with a storage shelf, making sure you have the maximum deck space possible. The Territory comes with three (3) Pedestal Pole Seats with Slides and six (6) seat positions in total, giving you a versatile layout. An Electric Motor Mount is welded to the port bow; being such a popular option for the Territory, it’s now a standard feature. Formosa boats are known for their stability, yet the Quad4™ Water Ballast is offered as an option if more stability at rest is needed. Standard features on a Territory include a large aluminium Bowroller, 32mm handrails, Tow-Catch™ Trailer capability, heavy-duty dive ladder, quality steering, moulded fuel tank and sender with filter, automatic bilge pump, transom deck tread, foam-filled hull, electrical harness kit, 2 cleats, 4 rod holders, forward bollard, white paint and Formosa graphics, plus more…

Offshore Features

Upgrade to an OFFSHORE Territory and receive a High Tensile 5083 Plate Hull (including sides), a true Self-draining Aluminium Deck with scuppers, carpeted for a cool, comfortable footing, full Aluminium Casting Deck with self-draining hatches, the new Offshore Kill Tank with drainage system, SeaStar Hydraulic Steering & hoses and four (4) Aluminium angled rod holders. An underfloor 80L auxiliary tank for fuel or water is available for boats 620 and over. The Formosa OFFSHORE Territory is available in sizes 520, 550, 580, 620, 660 and 700.

Classic Features

The CLASSIC Territory is available in three sizes and built with a Marine Grade 5052 Plate Hull with 4mm sides and 4mm bottom sheets, four (4) seat positions, four (4) plastic angled rod holders and quality Hardwood Flooring, carpeted for a cool, comfortable footing. We’ve installed on the CLASSIC models the best steering worldwide, SeaStar Hydraulic steering with semi-rigid hoses. The Formosa CLASSIC Territory is available in sizes 520, 550 and 620.

Active Transom

The innovative step-down ‘Active Transom’ has smarter storage solutions, easy on-board battery access and continues to be the best in transom design and water access on the market. With the Active Transom, you can choose from four options, Full Access, Dual, Single and Closed Access. Full Access and Dual Access are not available for size 700 in this model.


The FORMOSA SRT Plate Hull combines the very best boat designs from Formosa’s Sea-Rod and Tomahawk brands, packaging them into one skilfully engineered plate boat. Learn more>

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